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Custom Filter Element

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Coalescence &separation Filter Elements


Oil-gas Separation Filter Elements

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There are many kinds of Industrial Filters and they are also widely used and are necessary accessories in many industries.

The solid particles can be cut off by the liquid in solid-liquid phase, and the purpose of solid-liquid phase separation is called filter core The performance of filter element has a direct impact on the size of the filter processing ability and the separation accuracy, so the filter element plays a key role in the filtration and separation process, which is called "heart and blood". Although there are many kinds of filter elements, the structure is mainly composed of end cover, skeleton, Filter Material and sealant. The special structure needs to be increased according to the special requirements.

The industrial filter is divided into filter element, Coalescence Filter element, separation filter element and adsorption filter element according to its function. According to Filter Medium: aviation Oil Filter, industrial oil filter, chemical liquid filter, water filter, Air Filter.