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The hydraulic filter is an indispensable auxiliary component for the hydraulic system. The function of the hydraulic filter is to remove solid contaminants from the working medium of the hydraulic system, keep the working medium clean, extend the life of the system components, and ensure the hydraulic components. Reliable performance.
Hydraulic Filters can be divided into: oil suction filter, pressure filter and oil return filter according to their use and installation location. According to different working pressures, it can be divided into: low pressure filter, medium pressure filter and high pressure filter.
The following aspects should be considered when selecting a filter:
1. Select the type of filter according to the purpose of use (use), and select the installation shape of the filter according to the installation position.
2, the filter should have a large enough oil-passing capacity, and the pressure loss is small
3, the filtration accuracy should meet the required cleanliness of the hydraulic system or components
4. The Filter Material used in the filter element should meet the requirements of the working medium used and have sufficient strength.
5. The strength and pressure loss of the filter are the key factors to be considered when selecting. After installing the filter, it will cause partial pressure drop or back to the system.
6, the filter replacement and cleaning should be convenient
7. Appropriate filter protection accessories (such as constant pressure opening device with bypass valve and filter contamination indicator) should be selected according to system requirements.
Therefore, when designing the hydraulic system, determine which filters need to be placed at those locations.
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