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The rapid development of Air Filters is closely related to the development of military and electronic industries. With the increasing pollution of the environment and the strengthening of people's environmental awareness, it is now recognized that air filtration systems should not only protect mechanical equipment, And protect people. Therefore, the application of Air Filter is more and more extensive. In human production and life, there are many occasions to use clean air, clean air needs air filter to purify, and different occasions need to purify the degree of cleanliness, which forms the air filter in different forms. The size of the controlled particle is different from that of the Filter Material selected.

Three main categories of air filters: protection of air filters (such as intake system components for internal combustion engines, air compressors, steam turbines and other types of engines) for the protection of machinery and equipment, Create clean room air filters (such as clean room dust-free control to ensure the quality of production products, smog factory purification to ensure human health), protect the atmosphere dust remover (control smoke dust emissions, To protect all human beings on earth, to live a long and healthy life.

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