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Dust removal plays an important role in the treatment of air pollution. With the continuous development of industry, the quantity of particulate pollutants discharged is increasing, the concentration of dust in the atmosphere is increasing, and the dust is more and more harmful to people's living environment and human health. Higher requirements for the performance and reliability of dust removal equipment are put forward.

The traditional dust collector has been difficult to meet the requirements of high standard discharge and superior economic performance. The dust collector device is divided into mechanical dedusting device, electric dust precipitator, wet dedusting device and filter dust-removing device.

With the rapid development of energy and chemical industry and the deterioration of environment, a higher requirement for liquid cleanliness is put forward, and the petrochemical filtration device will be applied more widely in this field. The separation of solid impurity particles and the recovery of adsorbent and catalyst in gas phase and liquid phase in energy chemical industry. By filtering the solid impurity in the material to prevent the impurity particles entering into the device, the equipment, the pipe fittings are damaged or clogged, so as to ensure that the production medium meets the requirements of the process design and the normal and stable operation of the production device. Protect the safe operation and life cycle of the production plant.

The filter device can be divided into two types according to its structure: pipeline filter device and device filter device. It can be divided into: sulfur recovery and filtration unit (rich and poor liquid filter device, amine liquid filter unit, solvent collection filter unit,) hydrofining filter unit, hydrogen production filter unit, hydrocracking filter unit, catalytic filter unit and so on.

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