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Sinofiltec technology Co Ltd has the perfect testing equipment and quality assurance system has passed the ISO9001 2008 quality system certification our products are widely used in aerospace navigation petroleum and petrochemical industry oil and gas drilling industry energy and power industry iron and steel metallurgy industry biomedicine industry textile chemical fiber industry and military equipments and other fields We offer the high quality filters and filtration projects for the global customers to save the expensive operating cost Sinofiltec technology Co Ltd would like to communicate and cooperate with customers widely at home and abroad and truly to creat more value for our...

Categories and Products

Hydraulic Filters

Rutern Filters

SRFA Duplex Tank Mounted Mini-Type Return Filter Series SRFB Duplex Tank Mounted Return Filter Series SRLF Series Double Cylinder Return Oil Filter STF Series Double Cylinders Return Oil Filter STF Series Double Cylinder Oil Filter PLF & PLFD Series Low Pressure Line Filter SUA Series Duplex Return Oil Filter CHL Series Self Sealing Magnetic Return Line Filter DRLF Series Large-Flow Rate Return Line Filter GP.WY Series Magnetic Return Filter LXZS Series Magnetic Return Filter QYL Series Oil Return Filter RFA Series Direct Back Return Line Filter RFB Series Direct Return Oil Line Filter RF Series Tank Mounted Return Filter RLF Series Return Line Oil Filter YLH Series Upper-tank Return Line Oil Filter YLH Series Upper-tank Return Line Filter QU/XU/WU/ZU-A Series Oil Return Line Filter Large Flow Rate Return Line Filter 

Line Filters

SGF Double High Pressure Line Filter Series SMF Mid-Pressure Pipeline Filters DFB Series Pressure Filter Plating Connection DF series Sandwich Stacking Pressure Filter GU-H With Check Valve Pressure Filter Pressure Line Oil Filter PLA Series Low pressure Line Filter PLC series Low Pressure Line Filter PLF Series High Pressure Line Filter SP series Rotary Line Filter YPM series Pressure Line Hydraulic Filter ZU-H.QU-H.WU-H Series Pressure Line Filter 

Duplex Filters

SDRLF Duplex Large Flow Return Filter 

Water Filters

Water Filter Element

High Flow Water Filter Element FST-SS-PM Stainless Steel Performated With Wire Mesh Filter Atlas Copco Air Compressor Intake Filter Elements Stainless Steel Wedge Wire Screen Filter Elements 

Basket Filters

Hand Brush Backwash Filter 

Automatic Self-cleaning Filters

ELSeries Automatio Self Cleaning Strainer Automatic Self cleaning Strainer EM Series Automatio Self-Cleaning Strainer ET Series Large Flow Automatic Self-cleaning Filter EY Series Automatio Self-Cleaning Strainer Automatic Sucking Self-Cleaning Water Filter Automatic Electric Sucking Self-Cleaning Water Filter 

PP Plastic Filters

PP Plastic Pipeline Filter 

SS Precision Filters

Security Water Filter With PP Filter Cartridges Stainless Steel Precision Water Filter Large Flow Stainless Steel Water Filter Sainless Steel Precision Bag Filter Sintered 5-Layer Wire Mesh Filter Elements 

Air Filters

Primary Air Filters

The Plate Air Filter Activated Carbon Primary Air Filter Folding Activated Carbon Air Filter Folding Primary Air Filter Front Primary Air Filter Sponge Air Primary Filter Washable Primary Air Filter Metal Mesh Primary Air Filter 

MHEPA Filters

F5 Intermediate Air filter F6 Intermediate Air Filter F7 Intermediate Bag Air Filter F8 Medium Effect Bag Air Filter Hot Melt Bag Air Filter Medium Effect Bag Air Filter 

HEPA filter

No Partition High Efficiency Air filter High Effective Air Filter With Partition High-Temperature Resistance And High Efficiency Air Filter Combined High Efficiency Air Filter 

ULPA Filter

Ultra-High Efficiency Air Filter 

Air Filter Cartridges

Petrochemical Industry Air Filters Top Mounted Pulse Pleated Air filter Polyester Fiber Air Filters Anti-Static Dust Air Filters High Temperature Dust Filter Bags Oil-Proof And Water-Proof Air Filter Wood Pulp Fiber Air Filters Anti -Static Dust Air Filter Cartridge Compair Air Compressor Intake Filter Elements 

Air Precision Filters

Atlas Copco Air Compressor Oil- Gas Separator Filters Fusheng Air Compressor Air Filters 

Metal Filter Elements

Porous Metal Filter Elements

Sintered Mesh Filter Element With Performated Sheet Stainless steel Wire mesh Disc Filter Sintered Stainless steel 5-layer Wire mesh Filter SUS 316L Sintered Wire Mesh Filter cartridge SUS 316L Flanged Sintered Five-layer Mesh Filters SUS 316L Hydraulic Backwashing Coal Mill Filter Element 316L Stainless Steel Sintered Powder Filter cylinder Sintered Metal Powder Filter Core Alloy Material 316L Sintered 5-Layers Wire Mesh Filter Elements Stainless steel Sintered 5- layers Wire Mesh Elements Sintered Filve Wire Mesh Element With Flange SS316L Sintered Wire Mesh Filter Elements Opposite Direction Rolling Sintered Wire Mesh Filters Sintered SS 5-Layers Wire Mesh Elements 316L Stainless Steel Sintered Wire Mesh Filter Disc Bronze Powder Sintered Filter Element And Disc Dysmorphic Sintered Metal Porous Filter Elements 316L Stainless Steel Candle Filter Elements 

Pleated Metal Filter Cartridges

SS316L Stainless Steel Cylinder Air Filter Stainless Steel Filter Medium Pleated Filter Element 

Wedge Mesh Screen

Stainless Steel Wedge Screen Filter Cartridge 316L SS Wedge Wire Filter with Flange Reverse Rolled SS Wedge Wire Filter Elements 

Compressor & Vacuum Pump Filters

Compressor Air Oil Separator

FUsheng Oil-Gas Separation Filter Elements Compair Air Compressor Oil-Gas Separators Sullair Compressor Oil-Gas Separator Filter Elements Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor Air-Oil Separators 

Compressor Oil Filters

Fusheng Air Compressor Oil Filter Elements Compair Compressor Oil Filter Elements Sullair Air Compressor Oil Filter Elements Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor Oil Filter Elements 

Compressor Air Filters

Sullair Air Compressor Intake Air Filter Elements Ingersoll Rand Compressor Air filter Elements 

Brand Filters Exchanged Series

HYDAC Filters

Replacement of HYDAC 0060D010BH4HC Replacement of HYDAC Filter Element 0080MA005BN HYDAC Oil filter Element 0140D010BH4HC FST-RP-0330R005BN4HC Oil Filter Element FST-RP-0500D010BN3HC Oil Filter Element Replacement of HYDAC 0660D010BN3HC Element HYDAC 0660R010BN4HC Filter Element HYDAC 0950R010BN4HC Filter Element HYDAC 1300R010BN3HC Oil Filter Element HYDAC1700R005BNHC Oil Filter Element 

PALL Filters

PALL HC2237FKT16H Oil Filter Element FST- RP-HC2246FKS6H50YT Filter Element FST-RP-HC6300FKP16H Oil Filter Element FST-RP-HC6400FKP16H Oil Filter Element FST-RP-HC7400SDT8H Oil Filter Element FST-RP-HC7500SDN8H Oil Filter Element FST-RP-HC8300FKS39H Wind Power Gear Oil Tank Filter FST-RP-HC8304FKZ16H Oil Filter Element FST-RP-HC8310FKP16H Hydraulic Filter Element FST-RP-HC8314FKZ16Z Hydraulic Oil Filter Element FST-RP-HC8400FKN16H Hydraulic Oil Filter Element FST-RP-HC8900FKN16H Hydraulic Oil Filter Element FST-RP-HC9100FKZ8Z Hydraulic Oil Filter Element FST-RP-HC9600FKP16H Hydraulic Oil Filter Element FST-RP-HC9700FKS9H Hydraulic Oil Filter Element FST-RP-HC9800FUS13H Oil Filter Element FST-RP-UE319AS20Z Hydraulic Oil Filter Element FST-RP-UE619AN40Z Hydraulic Oil Filter Element 


FST-RP-P13-1912-016-340 Hydraulic Oil Filter Element FST-RP- P535770 Replacment of the Air Filters FST-RP-P550628 Hydraulic Oil Filter Element FST-RP-P4220427 Hydraulic Oil Filter Element FST-RP-P550596 Hydraulic Oil Filter Element 


FST-RP-CU630A10H Hydraulic Oil Filter Element FST-RP-HP0653A10ANAP01 Hydraulic Oil Filter Element FST-RP-HP3202A10NA Hydraulic Oil Filter Element FST-RP-MF1002A25HBP01Hydraulic Oil Filter Element FST-RP-MF4003A25HBP01 Hydraulic Oil Filter Element FST-RP-MF7501P10NB Hydraulic Oil Filter Element FST-RP-MR8503P10A Hydraulic Oil Filter Element 


FST-RP-1.0020H10XL-A00-0-P Hydraulic Oil Filter Element FST-RP-1.0040H20SLA000P Hydraulic Oil Filter Element FST-RP-2.0005-H10XLC00-0-P Hydraulic Oil Filter Element 


FST-RP-01Hydraulic Oil Filter Element FST-RP-01.E.360.3VG.HR.EP Hydraulic Oil Filter Element FST-RP-01.NL 400.6VG.30.E.P Hydraulic Oil Filter Element FST-RP-01NBF.55.3VL.P Air Filter Element FST-RP-01.E950.3VG.10.SP Hydraulic Oil Filter Element FST-RP-2.0630H3XL-B00-0-M Hydraulic Oil Filter Element FST-RP-01.E70.16VG.16.SP Hydraulic Oil Filter Element 


FST-RP-G-UL-12A50UW-DV Hydraulic Oil Filter Element FST-RP-P-351-06-60UW Hydraulic Oil Filter Element FST-RP-P351A0310U Hydraulic Oil Filter Element FST-RP-P-G-UH-08-10UW Hydraulic Oil Filter Element FST-RP-P-G-UM-06A-10U Hydraulic Oil Filter Element FST-RP-P-UL-08A-40UW Hydraulic Oil Filter Element 

STAUFF Filters

FST-RP-RE300G10B Hydraulic Oil Filter Element FST-RP-RE600G03B Hydraulic Oil Filter Element FST-RP-RN016E20B Hydraulic Oil Filter Element FST-RP-SL-020W25B Hydraulic Oil Filter Element FST-RP-SUS-200-B24-P-3-125 Hydraulic Oil Filter Element 


FST-RP-A-1-20-CW10 Hydraulic Oil Filter Element FST-RP-D171G01AV Hydraulic Oil Filter Element FST-RP-DMD0011E20B Hydraulic Oil Filter Element FST-RP-DVD2225B25B Hydraulic Oil Filter Element FST-RP-DVD2560A10B Hydraulic Oil Filter Element FST-RP-RHR240B25B Hydraulic Oil Filter Element 

ARGO Filters

FST-RP-AS08001 Hydraulic Filters Element FST-RP-AS060-1 Oil Filter Element FST-RP- P3.0730-51 Hydraulic Oil Filter Element FST-RP- P2121721 Hydraulic Oil Filter Element FST-RP-V3.0623-06 Hydraulic Oil Filter Element FST-RP-V3.0508-09 Hydraulic Oil Filter Element 


FST-RP-FT1003P10A Hydraulic Oil Filter Element FST-RP-OF3-08-3RV-10 Hydraulic Oil Filter Element FST-RP-OF3-20-3RV-10 Hydraulic Oil Filter Element FST-RP-V0121B1R20 Hydraulic Oil Filter Element FST-RP-V6021B2C03 Hydraulic Oil Filter Element 

PARKER Filters

FST-RP-4CWC15-070 Air Filter Element FST-RP-100WS23-130 Air Filter Element FST-RP-937407Q Hydraulic Oil Filter Element FST-RP-937778Q Hydraulic Oil Filter Element FST-RP-938781Q Hydraulic Oil Filter Element FST-RP-AWC23-130 Air Filter Element FST-RP-FDAE2A05Q Hydraulic Oil Filter Element FST-RP-G01098Q Hydraulic Oil Filter Element 

MAHLE Filters

FST-RP-852755DRG25 Hydraulic Oil Filter Element FST-RP-PI 2230 VST3/77680234 Hydraulic Oil Filter Element FST-RP-PI3145SMX10 Hydraulic Oil Filter Element 


FST-RP-R928005963 Hydraulic Oil Filter Element FST-RP-R928005999 Hydraulic Oil Filter Element FST-RP-R928006755 Hydraulic Oil Filter Element FST-RP-R928022276 Hydraulic Oil Filter Element FST-RP-R928006700 Hydraulic Oil Filter Element 

Custom Filter Element

Coalescence &separation Filter Elements

FST-RP-LSS2F2H Separation Dehydration Filter Element FST-RP-LCS2H1AH Coalescence Dehydration Filter Element 

Oil-gas Separation Filter Elements

Atlas Copco Oil Filter Replacements 

Filter Material

Nonmetallic Filter Materials

Air Filters PP Material Primary Intermediate High Efficiency Filter Felt 

Metal Filter Materials

Stainless Steel Filter Material Sintered Fiber Material with Mesh Support 5 Layers Sintered Wire Mesh 

Special Metal Filter Materials

Perforated Multi-layers Sintered Wire Mesh 

Filter Equipments

Hydraulic Oil Purifiers

LYC-B Type Portable Oil Purifier LYC-CJM Type Ultraprecision Oil Filter LYC-S Type Movable Hydraulic Oil Filter Push chart LYC-D Type Movable Oil Filter Pushchart LYC-X Type Movable Oil Purifier With Box LYC-J Coalescence Dewatering Oil Filter LYC-G Movable Type High Pollution Oil Purifier LYC-Z Type High Efficiency Vacuum Oil Filter Oily Water Separating Equipment 

Filter Rod Filter Equipments

Stainless Steel Magnetic Rod Filter 

Filtrer Devices

Industrial Filter Dedusting Devices

Sinofiltec Stainless steel Dust Collector 

Petrochemical Filtration Devices

Automatic Backwashing Filtration Device System 

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