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Petrochemical Filtration Devices

Automatic Backwashing  Filtration Device System


Supply Ability: 100 PCS/YEAR

Min. Order: 2 Set/Sets

Certificate: ISO9001

Model No.: FST-ABF-150

Tubular Automatic Backwashing Filter System FST ABF 150 Product describle There are three or more parallel filter components in the column filter system When the filter is backwashed one group is backflushing and the others are in normal filter The...
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Petrochemical Filtration Devices

In petrochemical industry and fine chemical industry, chemical reactor will be used for catalytic reaction, and a large number of noble metal catalysts will be used in the process of catalytic reaction, which requires filtration and separation. The reactor can be divided into batch reactor and continuous reactor. Both reactors need a large number of noble metal catalysts. In the actual production process, catalyst leakage often occurs, resulting in increased cost and environmental pollution. Therefore, efficient filtration method is needed to separate catalyst filtration.

According to the different parameters such as temperature, flow rate, solid content, Ph value and viscosity, different filter devices are selected.

With the heavy quality of FCC feed-stock, the yield of catalytic oil slurry becomes larger and larger, because the slurry contains a certain amount of solid impurities (mainly composed of catalyst particles and colloid and asphaltene attached to the catalyst). More solid matter not only increases the erosion of pipelines and equipment, but also has the danger of blockage furnace drunken, which seriously affects the quality of feed-stock oil. Therefore, if the solid matter in the slurry can be filtered out, the quality of the slurry will be improved, and the application will become more extensive, thus increasing the added value of the slurry product. Slurry filter is a kind of solid-liquid separation equipment which can filter the solid matter above microns in the slurry.

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